Steve White and the Protest Family

Steve White and the Protest Family

Steve White & The Protest Family are East London’s favourite folk punk political sing-along band. Theirs is a revolution that’ll have you tapping your foot and smiling from ear-to-ear.

Led by Steve, a heavily tattooed Fire Brigade Union Activist, the band features Funky Lol Ross on mandolin and electric guitar, and veteran of the East London music scene, Doug E Harper on bass. Meanwhile banjo duties fall to award-winning player and co-ordinator of the renowned Walthamstow Folk Club, Russ Chandler. Folk who’ve heard them make comparisons with Billy Bragg, Ian Dury and even The Clash.

The songs themselves are all tales of modern times, from the story of the day the EDL went to Walthamstow to be seen off by thousands of locals not keen to have the racists amongst them, to the Mayor of London’s intransigence over London Underground ticket offices closures (Bad Day For Bojo), to the surprisingly tender treatment of the death of Isobel Jones-Reilly. Although crafted around the band’s East London base of Walthamstow, the songs really are about everybody, and everybody’s struggle. There are as many
solutions posed in the songs as problems, and a definite call-to-arms. There’s even a reworking of Florence Reece’s Which Side Are You On? The careful listener may even notice that the band are all supporters of Leyton Orient Football Club.

  • “Steve White and the Protest Family play with a passion that is accessible, engaging, inspiring but most of all fun. This is not po-faced politics but real, honest class storytelling that you can dance to, sing along with and will leave you revitalised for the struggles ahead.” The Morning Star
  • “This is punk folk protest music at its best. Full of rebel spirit and excellent musicianship. Great stuff” – Acoustic Review
  • “Rough, raw, ragged, rebellious and quite wonderful” – Four Dogs Music
  • “Singing East London fireman Steve White is as great a political songwriter as they come. Savage, witty and thought-provoking. Billy Bragg, time to move over.” – Blang


Doors 7pm Music starts at 745.